Did our dogs suck you in? We can't say no to them either. Thanks for supporting a local small business and getting to know its owners! We're Brendan Schroder and Jorie Ruud. Brendan (or master craftsman, as I like to call him) makes all of the furniture by hand, and I, Jorie, maintain the brand through our website and social media channels. 

Brendan and I met in March 2012 while we were both on vacation in Palm Springs. Once back in Portland, we went on one date at Paragon in the Pearl District (you may notice our Hoyt Cheese Boards have been aptly named to honor this location), and truly have been together ever since. At the time, I was studying Product Design, Business, & Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon and Brendan had just applied and been accepted to the Law Enforcement Academy at Chemeketa Community College. Once we both graduated, I would be a designer and he would be a cop. It seemed pretty simple.

Then October 31st rolled around. Brendan was scheduled to run the ORPAT, which is a physical fitness and agility obstacle course. One portion of the test required Brendan to jump up on to a balance beam and run across it. When he got on, the beam slipped out from under him and he fell on his right hip. Full of adrenaline, he stood up and ran to finish the course. Once he was done, though, he was aware of the immense pain in his hip. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

Upon further examination, a piece of his femoral head (the ball of the hip bone) had broken off and was tearing the cartilage in his hip. He was ordered to stay on crutches and not return to physical activity at school until further notice. 

I'll spare you all the details (that's a different saga entirely), but nearly a year went by before he was approved for his first surgery to have the bone fragment removed and his femoral head reshaped. Though it went as planned, within three months we knew it hadn't solved the problem. Another 6 months went by before he was scheduled for his second procedure. His surgeon performed perfectly again, but it was quickly clear that after two years of walking on torn cartilage, his hip needed further intervention.

In 2014, we moved in together. With little money, Brendan built me a beautiful farmhouse dining table made out of reclaimed lumber he found at a local salvage company and the use of a family friend's shop. Still, he was in pain daily and unable to work.

In January of 2016 (yes, you read that right - it had been over 3 years of walking with chronic pain), Brendan was finally approved to go to Colorado to have a cartilage replacement done. This involved taking the IT band (a ligament in the leg) out of a cadaver and placing it into his hip to regenerate the proper cartilage. His surgeon was hopeful he would return to 90% of his former abilities, but unlikely to fully run again. We spent a week in snowy Denver, just the two of us, after a major surgery, recovering and binge watching TV shows. Though it had been pretty obvious before, it was wildly apparent now that Law Enforcement would not be an option for his career.

Once recovered enough to think about our next steps, we knew we wanted to reclaim our lives and make something out of a discouraging situation. Brendan has always loved building things, and working with his hands relaxed him. Plus, he was good at it. That's where our business was born. 

With the generous help of our loved ones, we created Reclaimed Portland. We use 100% locally salvaged reclaimed lumber, often from old barns or houses (recently we sourced wood from a bowling alley!) to build sturdy, hand-crafted, custom-made & heirloom quality furniture to perfectly complete each of our customers' homes. Thank you for joining us and supporting our reclaimed dreams. Please contact us with any questions, have a look at our work, and check out our social media channels by clicking below.


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